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For starters, Kerry has the credentials: a master’s degree, a post-graduate degree in marriage and family therapy, a license in marriage and family therapy as well as certification from the Love and Logic Institute. Secondly, Kerry has tenure: she was certified to teach by The Love and Logic Institute in 1999 and has been teaching ever since. Thirdly, try to find another instructor who can claim three kids of her own plus three stepchildren! Talk about real-life experience with a lot of different real-life kids. Kerry understands being a married stay-at-home mom, a single, working and going-to-school mom, and a happily married mom and stepmom with a whole herd of children.

When you take classes from Kerry, you get a Love and Logic certified instructor PLUS the wisdom and insight that comes from years of workshops, training, and working with families and parents. You get to learn how to meet your child’s emotional needs, how to get on the same page with your partner, and how to adjust techniques to fit the temperament of your individual child using your individual values. You also get to know a professional who could end up being your private parenting coach or counselor, should the need arise.

Kerry Stutzman, MSW, LMFT | Certified Love and Logic® Instructor from Kerry Stutzman on Vimeo.

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