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Are you ready for your kids to listen the first time?  
Want to put an end to arguing and whining?
Tired of battling over the little stuff?
Worried you’re not doing this right?
Wishing for a roadmap to raising great kids?
Not sure how to handle situations?
Can’t believe you’ve yelled at your precious children when you swore you never would?

Rooted in Love and Logic® and incorporating the latest developments in neuroscience, Kerry’s classes can transform your parenting.  The Love and Logic parenting model has been around for a long time because it works wonders in bringing peace and calm to our family life. Neuroscience helps us understand how to calm and soothe our children..

Attachment Theory informs us about how to create strong family bonds and secure children with a healthy conscience. Kerry’s classes and parent coaching incorporate all three of these models.


 “The info was great; made me really think. It also reinforced I’m not alone. Kerry was funny and engaging.”

-Father of girl, 8 and boys, 6


What makes Kerry’s classes special?
Kerry’s classes are not dry, formulaic lectures. They are taught by a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a thriving private practice specializing in  parents and families. She has worked with and learned from hundreds of families about what helps make family life work better.  Kerry is also a mother of SIX kids (3 of her own + 3 stepkids). She teaches with real-life examples that will entertain, make you laugh, and help you remember how to apply new parenting techniques. As a devoted mother, she teaches with heart and soul and is passionately committed to helping parents be nicer to their kids in ways that develop disciplined, responsible, respectful young people.
Five Week Class
This five-week class offers the full curriculum of “Love and Logic: Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!”  The 10-hour class meets for two hours each week for five weeks.  This is the best class for long-lasting transformation of your parenting because you get to take a small bite of new parenting strategies each night and then go home to digest and practice.  There is time for Q&A, experiential learning and discussions with other parents in the same boat.

5-week class for parents of young children starts February 11, 2020 in Denver, Colorado.

Key concepts that are covered:
  • How to correct children without anger and disconnection
  • The impact of yelling and how to put an end to it
  • Stopping arguing and whining
  • Turning your words from garbage to gold and getting kids to actually listen the first time
  • Putting an end to power struggles
  • Understanding three different parenting styles and the implications of each
  • How to calm the chaos at bedtime and mornings
  • The time, place and strategy for helping kids cool down
  • What to do when you don’t know what else to do


Crash Courses
The Crash Course offers key parenting strategies condensed into one day of training.  By the end, you may feel like you’ve been drinking from the fire hose but you’ll go home with a great overview of new parenting strategies.  It’s perfect for those who cannot attend a 5-week class and for those who want a review or overview of Love and Logic skills blended with the latest developments in parenting techniques.  Select either the Early Childhood or ‘Tweens and Teens workshop.
Key concepts include:
  • Putting an end to arguing, backtalk and begging
  • How to stop yelling at your kids
  • Setting limits without waging war: enforceable statements
  • Ending power struggles with your kids
  • Getting kids to listen the first time
  • Helping kids cool down
  • What to do when you don’t know what to do


 “This class has changed how I think about, and will speak to, my child.”

-Mother of girl, 3 years old


Upcoming Crash Courses:


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