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The Perfect Girl

I think my fifteen year old has fallen in love. He can’t get enough of this new girl. He’s constantly asking if she can come over and he just sits on the couch and stares at her. He takes her on walks and lets her just lie next to him and hang out while he watches tv. This girl brings out the sweetest, most adorable view of my son who is also capable of being surly and all-teen-boy who is convinced his mom is an idiot and the world is annoying. But not around this girl! This girl always brings out the best in him. They are so cute together that I don’t mind leaving them alone on the couch in the basement. Maybe it’s because she is only eight weeks old. Precious little Avery. Watching him love her makes me love him even more

Click here to see a photo of Palmer and his Perfect Girl

Kerry Stutzman, MSW
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