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No More Hassles Over Picking Up Dirty Socks

Dirty Sock Dilemma After a long and tedious day I finally started to wind down, hours after I had hoped to.  I started to head to bed only to find a heaping pile of filthy clothes, shoes and socks, right in the middle of the family room. I wanted to scream. I wanted to pull …

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Young girl with life ring

When is it Okay to Rescue?

Those who know Love and Logic™ know the damage done by C.H.P.S. “Chronic Helicopter Parent Syndrome.” Parents who chronically rescue their kids from the consequences of their poor decisions create kids who are chronically irresponsible and chronically unhappy. “You are so weak that you can’t survive without me” is the unintentional yet very real message …

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Getting Kids to Pick Up Their Toys

Getting Kids to Pick Up – With No Nagging!

A dad I work with just announced to his 3 little boys that he has a new plan for a “Sunday Shelf.” Here’s how it works: • When the kids don’t pick up their stuff as asked, dad picks up for them and puts everything on the “Sunday Shelf.” • On Sunday, he pulls it …

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“Mom, I Lost My Jacket”

“Mom, I lost my jacket,” my almost 12 year old son told me. “What? Grandma just gave that to you last week,” I accusingly replied.  “Where did you last wear it?  Have you looked in your room?” “How could you have lost it?”  I ranted on. Then I caught myself.  Whose problem is this?  What happened to my …

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The Love and Logic™ Vaccination Plan

Our world is getting more complex and dangerous for kids every day. How do we best protect them so that they will survive? Resist the urge to overprotect! Like vaccinations for physical disease, parents who apply Love and Logic allow their kids to develop decision-making “antibodies” by being exposed to plenty of small temptations, by …

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Connor Forgets His Snack

We had been struggling to keep second grade Connor focused on his “morning school routine” list as he is a major dawdler, as most are. So one morning I realized both my husband and I were reminding him of checking his list, “Do you have your snack? Have you made your lunch?  Where’s your water bottle, etc”. …

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