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Hello! We’re so happy you’re ready to take the next steps to brush up those parenting skills!

Before making the decision to register for one of our amazing one-day workshops, we want to tell you a little more about what your one-day workshop would involve.

The Becoming a Love and Logic Parent® One-Day Workshops are led by Kerry Stutzman, MSW and is specifically designed for parents of school aged children, K-8. During the class Kerry teaches 12 tools in 3 key areas helping to discover new approaches to:

• Staying calm when kids misbehave
• Getting cooperation the first time
• Delivering effective consequences

First of all, just who is Kerry Stutzman?

Kerry Stutzman, MSW is passionately committed to helping create happy, peaceful families. She uses her experience and training to guide parents to achieve calm, consistent and confident parenting skills. Kerry has successfully guided hundreds of clients to use love and laughter to keep parenting fun while raising delightful, responsible kids.

Kerry’s fun and interactive “Becoming a Love and Logic Parent®” workshops, lectures and individual work with parents help her clients successfully end whining and arguing, get their kids to listen, and deliver effective consequences that are designed to teach children valuable life lessons. One definition of the word “discipline” is “to teach.” Kerry approaches most parenting challenges with that in mind, looking for what the children need to learn in order to behave to the best of their ability.

Visit for additional information on Kerry’s background and services.

Okay, so what makes Kerry’s classes so special?

There are lots of parenting classes to choose from, so why choose Kerry’s?

For starters, Kerry has the credentials: a master’s degree, a post-graduate degree in marriage and family therapy, and certification from the Love and Logic Institute. Secondly, Kerry has tenure: she was certified by Love and Logic in 1999 and has been teaching ever since. Thirdly, try to find another instructor who can boast having three kids of her own plus three stepchildren! Talk about real-life experience with a lot of different real-life kids. Kerry understands being a married stay-at-home mom, a single, working and going-to-school mom, and a happily married mom and stepmom with a whole herd of children.

When you take classes from Kerry, you get a Love and Logic certified instructor PLUS the wisdom and insight that comes from years of workshops and working with families and parents. You get to learn about how to meet your child’s emotional needs, how to get on the same page with your partner, and how to adjust techniques to fit the temperament of your individual child using your individual values. You also get to know a professional who could end up being your private parenting coach or counselor, should the need arise.


What is the schedule for the day?

Morning Session: 9am – 12pm

We’ll start our workshop off with some basic concepts on how to redirect misbehavior and deal with strong-willed children. During the first half of class we’ll hear real-life parenting success stories and do some simple exercises to bring the newly introduced concepts to life.

Topic 1: “Handling Misbehavior without Breaking a Sweat”
Discover techniques to end whining, arguing, and negotiating
Learn the secret to effective consequences

Topic 2: “Avoiding Power Struggles”
Discover how to use effective choices for sharing power
Learn tools to end battles over homework, bedtime, mornings, and more!

Topic 3: “It’s Not My Problem”
Learn how to guide kids to own & solve their problems
Discover how to get your kids to help with chores

Break for Lunch

We have a great selection of lunch spots nearby – both within walking distance and a short drive away.

Afternoon Session: 1pm – 4pm

The second half of our day together we’ll talk more about those harder situations when kids argue, fight, and leave you speechless. The second half of the class is given extra time for more questions from parents to Kerry, as well as discussions and problem-solving with other parents in the class. By the end, you’ll be having more fun that you think you should in a parenting class!

Topic 4: “Are you picking a Fight or Setting a Limit?”
Discover the language of setting loving limits
Learn how to implement the Strategic Training Session

Topic 5: “What to Do When Your Kids Leave You Speechless”
Discover how to use delayed and universal consequences

And don’t forget we’re offering all of this for 20% off!

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