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Staying Sane While Raising Young Children

What Nobody Tells You About Parenting

Parenting young children is so much harder than parents expect. Our fantasies of peaceful, calm family life turn out to be just that…. fantasies. What happens behind closed doors can be anything BUT peaceful and calm.

This course covers practical strategies that can be used daily with young children. It also covers ideas and wisdom for saving your sanity and sense of humor from many great parents who have already been “in the trenches” and learned a few helpful things that they wish they had known earlier.

This course is meant for you if:

  • Parenting brings up more frustration and angst than you expected.
  • You’ve read parenting articles and books but still don’t handle yourself the way you’d like.
  • You think other parents are having an easier time than you are.
  • You are surprised to hear what comes out of your mouth when you’re fed up with the kids.
  • You’ve ever thought it would be nice to go to a parent coach.
  • You are a high achieving parent who wants to create an emotionally healthy family.
  • You are a scattered, anxious, disorganized parent who wants to create an emotionally healthy family.
  • It is your daily mission to stay sane while raising your child/ren lovingly and letting them be who they are.
  • You wish you had a loving big sister to share the in’s and out’s of creating a great family and raising good kids.
"Kerry had a very warm delivery; personable, and tried-and-true.  Wonderful content delivered in a transparent way.  Held my attention!"
-Mother of girl, 3