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The ages of 11 - 18 can be more challenging that toddlerhood!

We offer two parenting classes specifically designed for older children. Our one-day Crash Course: Parenting 'Tweens and Teens and our five-week class Becoming a Love and Logic® Parent provide practical skills and tools that can help you face these trying times with ease!

Becoming a Love and Logic® Parent class teaches 12 tools in 3 key areas helping to discover new approaches to:

  • Stay calm when kids misbehave
  • Gain cooperation the first time
  • Deliver effective consequences

Attending this parenting class always involves some laughs as well as some thought-provoking discussions. Kerry’s emphasis is on helping parents build healthy, strong relationships with their kids that will last a lifetime.

During each class parents will:

  • Hear real-life parenting success stories
  • Do simple exercised to bring the concepts to life
  • Ask questions about specific parenting issues
  • Problem solve with other parents
  • See videos of the Love and Logic Institute, Inc. founders
  • Have more fun than you think you should in a parenting class!


The parenting skills covered will include:

Topic 1: "Handling Misbehavior without Breaking a Sweat”
Discover techniques to end whining, arguing, and negotiating
Learn the secret to effective consequences

Topic 2: "Avoiding Power Struggles”
Discover how to use effective choices for sharing power
Learn tools to end battles over homework, bedtime, mornings, and more!

Topic 3: "It's Not My Problem"
Learn how to guide kids to own & solve their problems
Discover how to get your kids to help with chores

Topic 4: “Are you picking a Fight or Setting a Limit?”
Discover the language of setting loving limits
Learn how to implement the Strategic Training Session

Topic 5: “What to Do When Your Kids Leave You Speechless”
Discover how to use delayed and universal consequences