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“I hate being a mom”

“Kerry, I’m calling for support. Can you hear Weston crying? That’s because I got too mad. The kids have been fighting. I can’t stand this. I can’t wait ’til they go to bed. I hate being a mom.”

What painful words to utter. It doesn’t fit with the fantasy of how this mom thought it would look and feel to have kids. These words were spoken by a sweet, good mom who is devoted to parenting and always seeking ways to improve. If you were to see this mom at preschool pick up, you’d think she has it all together. Cute. Funny. Smiling. Adorable kids. Great husband.

I see so many moms who think that everyone else has it together and they are the only ones who are drowning in the impossible task of feeling like a great, confident, competent mom. We’ve gotta look out for each other. The well-being of children depends on it. If you hear a parent say, “My kids are driving me crazy,” please… draw in. See how she is really doing. Find out if she needs support. Or friendship. Or honesty that she’s not the only one who struggles.

How have you helped a mom in need? What sort of support have you longed for?

Kerry Stutzman, MSW
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