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Kerry Stutzman's Daily Parenting Insights

No phone = no food

Giving up my phone while I’m driving feels a lot like starting a fast or cleansing diet where I’ve had to give up foods like dairy, wheat, sugar, yeast. At first, I feel antsy and irritated and wonder what in the world I’m going to eat. Same when I get in my car, I feel …

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Kerry Stutzman's Daily Parenting Insights


Today my sister-in-law said, “TGIF!” I know some parents who may not say it out loud, but on Monday mornings, they’re thinking, “TGIM!” That means it’s Monday morning and they can go back to work where they feel competent, valued and can tell whether or not they’re doing a good job. Parenthood, wonderful as it …

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Kerry Stutzman's Daily Parenting Insights

Missed the bus

This morning, I raced down the hill with my 5th grader only to watch the bus pull away. Late. Dang it. I smiled and waved as I passed all the good, competent moms who had been on time and were chatting and smiling while they calmly waved goodbye to their good kids who had made …

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