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A Research Initiative:


between teens and parents



In Colorado, suicide is the leading cause of death for youth ages 10 – 24

40% of youth suicides follow acute conflict with parents

Parents want to know what to do to solve this problem and keep their kids alive

Teens have a valuable perspective on what is needed in parent-teen relationships.


It’s time for youth-driven research to find solutions to this community problem. Project Helping has partnered with Head and Heart Parents to launch the Bridge the Gap program and research study.

We are determined to make a difference


The causes of suicide are multi-dimensional and complex. We get it. But if adjustments in family relationships can save lives, we want to figure out how. Let’s part the curtain to the interplay between family dynamics and the well-being of youth.

Through this research project, led by Kerry Stutzman, LMFT, the goal is to:

  1. Give parents strategies to improve relationships with their teens.
  2. Share the wisdom of teens, parents and professionals with one another.
  3. Get kids thinking differently about their role in family relationships.
  4. See if healthier family dynamics help reduce youth suicide.
We need your help to execute this research project. Your donation will support:
  • 75 focus group participants
  • 40 interviews of professionals
  • 750 survey respondents
  • 1 research advisor
  • 2 informative videos

Please take the survey!

Meet the Team

Kerry Stutzman

Marriage & Family Therapist. Parenting Educator. Mother.


Heather Rynders

2019 Arapahoe H.S. graduate. Ministry Intern at Red Rocks Community Church.

Anabelle Adams

Nursing student at University of Chicago Illinois.

Vara Tummala

2019 graduate of Arapahoe H.S. Headed to University of Arizona.

Tailyr Bobb

2019 Arapahoe H.S. graduate. Headed to Arapahoe Community College.

Maggie Wright

Rising senior at Emory University studying Art History and business. Research advisor.