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We offer safe, supportive therapy for individuals for you to address whatever is keeping you from feeling fully alive. Together we will find your self-acceptance, your humanity, and your strengths. I believe that pain and struggles in life can be turned into opportunities to grow and find more peace and more freedom in life and in our relationships. I will never let go of my hope that you can change in the ways you are hoping for. Together, we will look at your strengths and figure out how to build those and we’ll look at the patterns that trip you up and experiment with new styles of interacting with others and yourself.


Family therapy has a different perspective on treatment than an individual therapy. While the individual therapist works with one client on solving or curing a problem, the family therapist views problems in the context of the “system” of the family. To solve a problem in a system, you need to consider all parts of the system. Whatever the source, distressing family dynamics can greatly interfere with the functioning of every family member. When family members do not get along, the tension can impact each family member’s mental and physical health, relationships, and even one’s capacity for routine tasks. Family therapy is designed to help families collaborate to address family problems. The course of treatment is often brief and seeks to address the communication styles of the family, as well as any individual issues that may be interfering with the cohesiveness of the family system. Family problems do not have to be severe to warrant therapy. Families can expect to learn to understand one another better, communicate more effectively, and work proactively to disrupt unhealthy patterns.


The twenties are a critical period of adulthood. These are the years when it will be easiest to start the lives we want. Our twenties are a time when our experiences disproportionately influence the adult lives we will lead. Twenty-first century twentysomethings have the opportunity to build the lives they want – ones in which work, love, the brain and the body might all be in on it together. It is a pivotal time when the things we do – and the things we don’t do – will have an enormous effect across years and even generations to come. Young adults counseling helps you guide your way through this time.


Statistics show that most couples don't come in for couples therapy until six years after their problems start. Imagine noticing a lump somewhere in your body and not talking to a doctor about it for six years! If you notice that you and your loved one are fighting “mean,” or if the number of “off-limits” topics and closed doors is growing or if you argue too much about sex, money or kids, then it’s time to get help for your relationship. When working with couples, I often focus on two major themes:

  1. How to grow what is already good about your relationship
  2. How to find ways to connect to the heart and soul of the person you are with and see and be seen for who you truly are

We look at reasonable and unreasonable expectations of self, others and the relationship. We talk about sex and intimacy. We talk about playfulness and friendship. We talk about managing conflict. We talk about emotional safety. We talk about same-page parenting when relevant. We talk about simple logistics for communicating effectively with one another.