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Getting Kids Out the Door On Time!

1. Have Compassion Remember, kids would often rather stay home with mom and dad. It’s a lot of work to get out the door. …


Dear Kerry: “Unwinding After School”

Dear Kerry, My first grader really needs some “down time” when he gets home from school or else he falls apart if we …


Dear Kerry: “Sick of Sweets”

  Dear Kerry: One of my 4 year old twins is sugar-obsessed. He goes throughout the day waiting for and thinking about …


3 Tips for Parenting in December Without Losing Your Ho! Ho! Ho!

It happens every year.  The sweet mother of two young children sat in my office, slouched over, and shared how she dreads …


“Mr. Fisty”: Part 2

This is Part 2; to read Part 1 of “Mr. Fisty,” please click here. After an exasperated parent coaching client of …


“Mr.Fisty”: A Proven New Way to Stop the Pre-Schooler Who Hits

An exasperated parent coaching client plopped onto the couch in my office recently and sighed, “How do I get my 4-year-old …

Dear Kerry: Pregnancy Bed Rest with a Toddler

Dear Kerry: “Bed Rest with a Toddler”

Dear Kerry,   I am on very strict bed rest with my second pregnancy and only allowed to be up 5-10 minutes total per day. …


Dear Kerry: Dealing with Other Parents’ Parenting

Dear Kerry, I sometimes take my 2 year old daughter to a local park to play. When we’re there, we often encounter kids …

25 Summer Activities in Denver Good for Kids

25 Things to Do with KIDS in Colorado (that you may have forgotten about!)

DOWNTOWN DENVER Children’s Museum NEW Joy Outdoor Adventure Park Opened on June 13, 2015, the new 60,000 square foot outdoor …