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Love and Logic Parenting Class - March 4

Crash Course: Parenting Toddlers and Young Children – March 4, 2017


March 4, 2017
Friday, 9:00am – 3:00pm

Denver Family Institute
3600 S Yosemite St #1050
Denver, CO 80237

Product Description

Note! This class is specifically for parents of kids ages 1 – 10.


The Crash Course: Parenting Toddlers and Young Children is based on the “Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!™” principles. This one-day parenting class provides practical tools and techniques that can change the way your family operates and makes parenting more fun. The early childhood class is geared specifically toward parents of young children, ages 1-10.

The parenting skills covered will include:

• Handling Misbehavior Without Breaking A Sweat
Learn techniques to end whining and arguing.

• Teaching Kids To Listen… The FIRST Time
Learn how to get kids to behave without lectures, threats, or bribes.

• Avoiding Power Struggles
Learn to share control by offering choices within your limits.

• Limits Create Happier Parents, Kids, and Families
Learn how to set loving limits by turning your words into gold.

• What To Do When Your Kids Leave You Speechless

Additional Information


Denver Family Institute
3600 S Yosemite St #1050
Denver, CO 80237

What to Bring

We don’t have any required materials, but I do encourage you to bring a notepad and pencil to make notes of things you’d like to remember or questions you like to ask.

What Makes Kerry's Classes So Special?

There are lots of parenting classes to choose from, so why choose Kerry’s?

For starters, Kerry has the credentials: a master’s degree, a post-graduate degree in marriage and family therapy, and certification from the Love and Logic Institute. Secondly, Kerry has tenure: she was certified by Love and Logic in 1999 and has been teaching ever since. Thirdly, try to find another instructor who can boast having three kids of her own plus three stepchildren! Talk about real-life experience with a lot of different real-life kids. Kerry understands being a married stay-at-home mom, a single, working and going-to-school mom, and a happily married mom and stepmom with a whole herd of children.

When you take classes from Kerry, you get a Love and Logic certified instructor PLUS the wisdom and insight that comes from years of workshops and working with families and parents. You get to learn about how to meet your child’s emotional needs, how to get on the same page with your partner, and how to adjust techniques to fit the temperament of your individual child using your individual values. You also get to know a professional who could end up being your private parenting coach or counselor, should the need arise.